1. a large basket or hamper of wickerwork, or a box or case made of slats of wood, for packing things to be shipped or stored
  2. SLANG an old, decrepit automobile or airplane

transitive verb cratedcrating

       1.  to pack or enclose in a crate
Shipping something that needs to have more protection than a cardboard box will provide?

Crating is a excellent alternative to cardboard.  Stronger, more durable, ability to withstand the elements, product is safe and more secure also.

Crating can be used to add protection, moisture/rust prevention, cushioning, reassurance and most of all peace on mind that your product will make it safely to its end destination.

For things that area awkward,huge or just to delicate to be packaged in a cardboard box or a plastic tote/bin, Crating is the best option to transport your products safely.

**** Note****  All crates can be designed and constructed to be reusable
and to come completely apart****